Sep 29, 2009

3 posts in one day!

so, we play a lot of board games around here, and one of those games is heroscape, which jesse-next-door got for christmas last year. we also all like to make stuff from time to time, and heroscape is the perfect game to customize. i just finished a set of nintendo themed figurines for jesse, and got some (fake) action shots for you.
i made bowser, the koopas, mario, luigi, peach, toad, and daisy.
jesse made the hammer bros and the goombas, and sarah helped him with bob-omb and chain chomp.

i'll post one here, but if you want to see the rest, go check out my flickr page.

autumn scarf

scarf number two! this is VERY loosely based on the quahog beach bag (from crochet kitten), like, i thought i remembered the stitch pattern from making the purse, but i didn't.
autumn scarf
ch 23
R1 - dc in 3rd ch from hook and next 4 ch, *(ch 3, dc in next 5 dc), repeat from * across, ch 2, turn.
R2 - 1dc in each dc, *(ch 3, skip 3ch from previous row, dc in each dc) ch 2, turn. (you should have
R3-85 (or until scarf is desired length) - repeat R2, fasten off.
tassels: i cut 4 lengths of about 15" (for each tassel), plus one piece a bit longer (for tying the tassels to the scarf). feed the tassels through the ends of the scarf (1 in each corner, 1 in each 3ch space, and one in the middle of the dc groups - for 7 on each end), and tie the one longer piece around the tassel about 1/2" from the end of the scarf. (the ends of this longer piece just hang with the rest of the tassel). trim tassels to uniform length.
and it's as simple as that. i used sean sheep's wooloomooloo yarn, in autumn colors. it's got a nice metallic thread running through it, and the variegation looks really nice when it works up.
if anyone tries this pattern, can you let me know how it works? i just wrote it down from the finished product, not while i was making it.

scallop crochet scarf

this is the scarf i made over the weekend. the pattern is free (with free sign-up) at lion brand yarns, and it's pretty easy to follow. i used a bernat cashmere blend that i got at wal-mart (bernat has since discontined it). i think it took up 2 balls.
the only difference between my scarf and theirs is that i didn't follow the finishing instructions - i got the 2 sides done, and i liked the look of the ends without actually "finishing" them.

i'll post pics of the other scarf i made this weekend just as soon as i finish attaching the fringe.

both scarves will be available at the prairie chick in downtown red deer by the end of the week - prices to be determined.

Sep 25, 2009

learning curves

i just wanted to note here that HOLY COW i've been learning a lot the last few weeks. new techniques, new crafts, new schedules, new programs and applications. and mostly, the computer stuff is what makes my brain hurt.

i would LOVE to just magically understand googleapps, and how to work my blog, and what good is twitter, anyway? also, my learning process would go more smoothly if error messages were limited to one of these options:

1. computers aren't actually capable of doing whatever it is that you're trying to do.
2. you're doing it wrong.
3. the website/program/application/whatever is broken.
4. your computer is broken.
5. don't you remember? you changed your password, bonehead.

just saying.

paper mache friday!

i'm still at it. my dining room looks like we've been eating flour and water paste for the last week. BUT. in my oven, as i type, are about 14 little former water balloon balloons, now covered with newspaper and muck, and drying nicely, at about 150C.

there are a few possible outcomes for these babies - as i've been mache-ing away, all the things that they look like in their unfinished state are going through my head.. i've seen eggplants, little squashes, painted egg-shaped christmas ornaments, and now... FAT LADIES. i can just see them hanging happily from christmas tree branches.

they don't look like much in reality, but in my head.. WOW.

here's the Fat Lady Sauna:

Sep 23, 2009

this little piggy went to market..

yesterday, i went downtown to peddle my wares. i took a duffel bag full of earrings and crochet goodies to dark day and the prairie chick. i ended up leaving a bunch of hats, some slippers, and some buttons with collette, the awesome prairie chick herself. i'm her first consignment client! FYI: she's always looking for crafters to buy from, so click over to her site if you make stuff, and are interested in getting it out there!

and barry, who owns dark day (and is also, arguably, alberta's best body piercer) wants more information about the safety of polymer clay before he agrees to sell my earrings.fair enough. so i linked him (and you guys) here - and i'll head back downtown next week to try again.

i also had a massage - and HOLY COW it hurt. i'm totally going back there next week too. kathy has magic fingers, i swear. i wish i could link to her, too, but she doesn't appear to have a website. leave me a comment or email skelectica @ gmail if you'd like her contact info.

the rest of the week, i'll be working on a scarf, some mittens, and some more bags. also, finishing my paper mache mess that i started on monday. i've found that brown paper towel works much better than newspaper for me, with my raw flour and water paste that i got the recipe for here. thanks, jonni! everybody, go check out the site - her paper mache sculptures are AMAZING!

one of my other grand plans is to start offering crochet patterns here, you know, for free. i think i'll also develop some for sale in my etsy shop, but who doesn't like free stuff? i just might start tomorrow, with a free pattern for my pointy hat, which people seem to LOVE whenever i wear it.

ok. i'm off to Do Some Crafting.

Sep 21, 2009

papier mache monday

it's really taking me a while to get into the swing of things around here. i finished moving all my stuff into my craft room last week, and i think the setup is going to work for me down here. see? i'm even posting from downstairs!

on the 14th, i took my singer spartan in to the shop for a tune-up and cleaning, and i should get it back in 2 weeks or so. or rather, next week sometime. time flies. in the meantime, i have a kenmore 14, which the internet hasn't heard of. i even searched for the looooong model number on the back, and still couldn't find a manual. i guess it's just a game of trial and error until i figure out how to thread it and what all these dials and buttons are for. at least i have definitely located the power switch. i hope that’s a good omen - a LOT of bags need lining.

today is paper mache day. i'll be working on some christmas ornaments, some hot air balloons (maybe), and a little onion that will be a game piece for heroscape, which we play with the neighbors sometimes. my craft room has carpet, so messy stuff stays upstairs. and this is DEFINITELY messy. check it out:

Sep 15, 2009


ok, never mind guessing my movie references. go check out my flickr page for 8am pics. and while you're there, look for the mannequin. i'm trying to decide what to do with her, and if you guys have ideas, i'd love to hear them.

on the agenda today:

- finish moving
- empty garbages
- shower
- crochet with the new yarn i got yesterday
- post about my michael's trip yesterday (thanks, jo!)
- work on business cards

i'll check in later, after another cup of coffee and a little bit of productivity.

Sep 14, 2009

day one

today was made of internet drama, secondhand shopping, quizno's subs, and alley excitement when the black kitty and the mouthy squirrel almost went at it.

it was the first day of my self-employment, and i didn't get pictures. the least i could have done is get the embarrassing "before" pics of my craft room. at this point, it still looks like i've just moved in (we've lived here for over 2 years), but at least it's not quite the bermuda triangle of supplies that it was until this evening.

maybe now i should get "before" pics, you know, before i move all the crap that's filling my dining room down there... if i'm successful, i'll be marketing my craft room design as TARDIS blueprints. stay tuned.

tomorrow, the Big Move, and paper mache. maybe also cookies. and, if i can find the motivation, yoga!

namaste, you guys!

ps. anybody: identify the 2 (deliberate) tv/movie references, and i'll post pics of tomorrow's adventures as i go!

Sep 3, 2009

the countdown is on...

life, the universe and everything: