Sep 21, 2009

papier mache monday

it's really taking me a while to get into the swing of things around here. i finished moving all my stuff into my craft room last week, and i think the setup is going to work for me down here. see? i'm even posting from downstairs!

on the 14th, i took my singer spartan in to the shop for a tune-up and cleaning, and i should get it back in 2 weeks or so. or rather, next week sometime. time flies. in the meantime, i have a kenmore 14, which the internet hasn't heard of. i even searched for the looooong model number on the back, and still couldn't find a manual. i guess it's just a game of trial and error until i figure out how to thread it and what all these dials and buttons are for. at least i have definitely located the power switch. i hope that’s a good omen - a LOT of bags need lining.

today is paper mache day. i'll be working on some christmas ornaments, some hot air balloons (maybe), and a little onion that will be a game piece for heroscape, which we play with the neighbors sometimes. my craft room has carpet, so messy stuff stays upstairs. and this is DEFINITELY messy. check it out:

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