Sep 23, 2009

this little piggy went to market..

yesterday, i went downtown to peddle my wares. i took a duffel bag full of earrings and crochet goodies to dark day and the prairie chick. i ended up leaving a bunch of hats, some slippers, and some buttons with collette, the awesome prairie chick herself. i'm her first consignment client! FYI: she's always looking for crafters to buy from, so click over to her site if you make stuff, and are interested in getting it out there!

and barry, who owns dark day (and is also, arguably, alberta's best body piercer) wants more information about the safety of polymer clay before he agrees to sell my earrings.fair enough. so i linked him (and you guys) here - and i'll head back downtown next week to try again.

i also had a massage - and HOLY COW it hurt. i'm totally going back there next week too. kathy has magic fingers, i swear. i wish i could link to her, too, but she doesn't appear to have a website. leave me a comment or email skelectica @ gmail if you'd like her contact info.

the rest of the week, i'll be working on a scarf, some mittens, and some more bags. also, finishing my paper mache mess that i started on monday. i've found that brown paper towel works much better than newspaper for me, with my raw flour and water paste that i got the recipe for here. thanks, jonni! everybody, go check out the site - her paper mache sculptures are AMAZING!

one of my other grand plans is to start offering crochet patterns here, you know, for free. i think i'll also develop some for sale in my etsy shop, but who doesn't like free stuff? i just might start tomorrow, with a free pattern for my pointy hat, which people seem to LOVE whenever i wear it.

ok. i'm off to Do Some Crafting.

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