Nov 13, 2009


my friend marianne had an awesome idea (over at her livejournal, in a locked topic) about starting an accountability group. somehow. i'm not really clear on the details, but IMAGINE if i had to explain to someone WHY i procrastinated my way out of updating this thing for the last two weeks! that just might inspire me to work on NOT procrastinating.

imagine the things i could accomplish in life if i only just DID them!

olivia's birthday present

our friend olivia turned 6 on tuesday. i forgot (as i usually do with birthdays/anniversaries/name that holiday), until i talked to her mom on wednesday and she invited us to olivia's birthday party on saturday.

so i thought i'd make her something and i thought she'd like this.

amanda beach, sorry for the spoiler. i couldn't wait to post. (ps. i added the glitter just for you. now it's EVERYWHERE).

olivia's birthday ©2009 sh

Nov 12, 2009

artfire is my new online store.

there's not much listed there yet (i can't seem to find any of my re-sized pics on this dang new computer!), but there's more to come.

as usual, custom work is available - just comment here, email me, convo me on etsy, or, apparently, "chatterbox" me on artfire. if you can figure out how. i can't.

hello, everyone! i've been busy!

so, now i'm back, after a bit of a vacation. from the internet, at least.

yesterday was remembrance day here in canada, and when q went downtown to the cenotaph, i stayed home and listened to utah phillips' cd called "i want to know". twice. i think it's my new remembrance day thing. i don't want to get into politics here, so i'll just say, if you can find that cd, it's DEFINITELY worth a listen.

also, i have a piece of my art in a show that opens at the harris-warke gallery here in red deer. the show is a fundraiser for the gallery, and all the pieces in the exhibit are selling for $30. doors open for buying (and socializing, and i heard something about drinks and snacks) at 6pm sharp, on friday, november 13. there's a "name that tune" theme, so all the pieces' titles are (i think) song lyrics, and there's a guessing game for a $50 gift certificate to sunworks (an AWESOME little store here in town).

here's a pic, but you should really go check out the show - this piece, i'm really proud of in person, but it's not AT ALL photogenic.

(this is what ~650 dime-sized spirals looks like. i counted.)

"would you love me through the winter?"  ©2009 sh