Sep 14, 2009

day one

today was made of internet drama, secondhand shopping, quizno's subs, and alley excitement when the black kitty and the mouthy squirrel almost went at it.

it was the first day of my self-employment, and i didn't get pictures. the least i could have done is get the embarrassing "before" pics of my craft room. at this point, it still looks like i've just moved in (we've lived here for over 2 years), but at least it's not quite the bermuda triangle of supplies that it was until this evening.

maybe now i should get "before" pics, you know, before i move all the crap that's filling my dining room down there... if i'm successful, i'll be marketing my craft room design as TARDIS blueprints. stay tuned.

tomorrow, the Big Move, and paper mache. maybe also cookies. and, if i can find the motivation, yoga!

namaste, you guys!

ps. anybody: identify the 2 (deliberate) tv/movie references, and i'll post pics of tomorrow's adventures as i go!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

One is Dr. Who