Sep 15, 2009


ok, never mind guessing my movie references. go check out my flickr page for 8am pics. and while you're there, look for the mannequin. i'm trying to decide what to do with her, and if you guys have ideas, i'd love to hear them.

on the agenda today:

- finish moving
- empty garbages
- shower
- crochet with the new yarn i got yesterday
- post about my michael's trip yesterday (thanks, jo!)
- work on business cards

i'll check in later, after another cup of coffee and a little bit of productivity.

1 comment:

Jo said...

Hey Sandra.


Hope all your jobs are slowly getting ticked off and that you are not getting ticked off doing them. I think youshould go see the Julie and Julia film it will make youlaugh on the blog bits.

Love jo xx