Jan 14, 2010


i guess i took a month off. that isn't to say that i haven't been doing anything - i just haven't been blogging about it. or listing anything new in my artfire store (until now).

december was full of crocheting, snowstorms, christmas get-togethers, birthdays, and having colds. i also spent a few days working at the prairie chick, where some of my stuff is on consignment. and there are very slow-paced rumblings going on about a new skelectica handmade website! wait and see, because when it comes, it's going to be AWESOME! it'll be so nice to have everything all in one spot - blogging, shopping, tutorials, linky-links...

so. my new year's resolution probably should be to keep on top of my artfire listings and blogging, but in reality, the only resolution i've actually said out loud is to "do something with that 2'x4' canvas i've had sitting there for a year". so i unwrapped it.

oh, yeah: there's a skelectica handmade facebook page! go be a fan! (and can someone let me know if that link is any good? i'm still learning about facebook settings....)

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