Oct 19, 2009

paper journal transcription 1

oct 18/09

i just had this great idea that i had to write down, for a project i might start.

i've been drafting a lot of crochet patterns lately, and i'm constantly trying to figure out new techniques and stuff. normally, i just experiment and frog until i'm happy with whatever i'm working on, but i came up with a new approach i want to play with...

i think i'm going to start a freeform fiber scrapbook sculpture, and instead of frogging all my attempts, start keeping, sewing together, and taggin all my gauge swatches and experiments.. i think, if i do it right, it could be a really valuable time-saving resource, since i'd already know how to do whatever stitch pattern, or know how not to attach legs to torsos, or whatever..

also, i think it would probably end up looking pretty bad-ass, too.

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