Oct 12, 2009

introducing PIGLET!

here's what i did this weekend!

his skin is a paton's mohair blend, and his jumper is acrylic and cotton.

head and body are all one piece, stuffed as i went. the arms are as simple as they look. the ears are a variation on some bamboo leaves that i came up with a few weeks ago. the bamboo leaves do NOT look like pigs' ears, for the record. it helps that they're green.

his nose and face were made separately, and when i'd just about finished attaching them to his head, i stuffed some stuffing in so it would have some definition.

his little feet, i gave up on figuring out this morning at about 1:00, and went to bed to dream up possible solutions. literally. i got up at 9 this morning to finish him, and THAT'S when inspiration struck.

the feet, i have a pattern for. i couldn't risk getting one done, and then forgetting how i'd done it.

so. piglet is up in my etsy shop, in case you feel like he needs to come live with you.

and heads up: the wizard of oz characters in crochet are coming down the pipe. i just got the yarn for the ruby slippers. and if i'm thinking, i'll write down what i do so that maybe i can provide patterns for them.


Sapphire_Angel said...

Piglet is super cute, and I can't wait to see the Wizard of Oz ones.
Which btw I've been meaning to call and ask yoy if you'd be interested in doing more pillow cases us like the ones you gave us for the wedding?

skelectica said...


of course i can do more pillowcases.. in fact, could you send me pics of the ones i did, so i can post them here? that would be awesome..

what do you have in mind?

Sapphire_Angel said...

I'd love to have scarecrow, and cowardly lion, all the charcters are awesome, so eventually maybe all of them on pillowcases..lol...how much would you charge for that?
I am gonna send you those pictures right away also. :)