Oct 20, 2009

how-tue, first in a series.


*gauge is important, but this pattern is so versatile, i usually just use whatever hook and yarn i feel like, and call the first 10 rows of the pattern my "gauge swatch". it only takes a few minutes to get to 25 sc in the pattern, and by that point, you'll be able to tell (by trying on the "mitten") whether it's shaping up to fit you.
<< see, this is how i do it.
(when i first drafted this pattern, i was using bernat "chunky" and a 6.5mm hook almost exclusively. those sizes of yarn and hook are usually my jumping off point when i'm picking new yarn for this project).
as long as you use the same hook and yarn for the hand and the thumb, this pattern should work beautifully, AND be useful for a variety of sizes.

all that said, this pattern is also very easy to modify. unless it's not big enough (or too big) around. then, you'd pretty much be drafting a new pattern anyway, so when that happens, i usually just change yarn. or hook. the path of least resistance.

if you think your hand is longer (or shorter) than mine, add (or subtract) rows between R9-20. same deal for the thumb. actually, the thumb in this pattern is a little on the long side, so i'd recommend leaving out maybe 2 rows of 8sc (between R 4-9).

i'll work on some thumb and ribbing variations for this pattern, and post them later on, too.

6mm hook
sean sheep "maldon"
(this is just what i could find, and the mitten fits my hand, well, like a glove. without fingers. but the stitches are pretty tight. i think the yarn's a bit too big for the hook, but whatever. comment if you're looking for yarn substitution ideas, or if you have questions about this pattern at all. i'm here to help!)

***work in a continuous spiral until instructed otherwise - for the ribbing. also, get yourself a stitch marker. they help a LOT.

R1      5 sc in magic ring, pull tight (5)
R2      2 sc in each sc around (10)
 R3      1, 2 sc around (15)
R4      1, 1, 2 sc around (20)
R5 & 6      sc around
R7      1,1,1,2 around (25)
R8 - 20      sc around (25)
<< i decided to add a stripe of white by changing color when i started R12, and switching back to green at the beginning of R17.

R21      sc in first sc, ch 10, sk 3 sc, sc in next sc, sc around
           (total of 22 sc, plus 10 ch = 32 stitches)
<< this is immediately after R21.

R22      sc in each sc and ch around (32sc)                                               
<< immediately after R22. this is the beginning of your thumb hole.

R23      sc in first sc, sc2tog, sc next 6 sc, sc2tog, sc around (30)
R24      sc in first sc, sc2tog, sc next 4 sc, sc2tog, sc around (28)
R25      sc in first sc, sc2tog, sc next 2 sc, sc2tog, sc around (26)
R26      sc in first sc, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc around (24)
R27      sc in first sc, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc around (22)
R28      sc around (22)
R29      sc around, join with sl st in 1st sc, ch2 (22)
<< thumb shaping.

R30      dc around, join with sl st in top of ch2, ch2 (22dc)
R31      fpdc around, join with sl st in top of ch2, ch2 (22)
R32-34      fpdc around, join, ch2 (22)
R35      sl st in each dc around, fasten off, weave in ends

R1     4 sc in magic ring, pull tight (4)
R2     2 sc around (8)
R3-9     sc around (8)
R10     1,1,1,2 sc around (10)
R11     2,1,1,1,1 sc around (12)
R12     put the thumb and mitten together, and sl st each sc in thumb into the hole in the mitten, both pieces right side out.
it's awkward (both to do and to explain), but it can be done. alternatively, you could do a final thumb row like this:  [R13   sc around (12), fasten off] and just sew the thumb and mitten together the old fasioned way, but i've been getting really into NOT sewing, but actually crocheting stuff together. you'll see, when i finish the wizard of oz gang.

<< i'm not really a fan of how this looks. i'll work on fixing it.

so. get crocheting! the cold weather is coming! and don't forget to post pics of YOUR mittens! and remember - if you use this pattern, please give credit where it's due, and mention me!

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